GSW Light

A small, light mounting profile, 20 mm high.

Meant for smaller glazings, in places where the strength requirements are not a deciding factor.

glass system ścianki szklane biurowe

About product

GSW Light
Category of useundefined
Category of spaceundefined
Type of glassESG / VSG 8-10,76
Max height (mm)undefined
Material / finishAnodized aluminum / Aluminum RAL
GlassRw [dB]C [dB]RA1 [dB]
ESG 1033-231
VSG 55.135-233
VSG 66.237-235
VSG 66.2 Silence39-138
VSG 88.2 Silence40-139
VSG 106.2 Silence41-140
Alu E2/C-0 srebrna anoda ściana szklana Alu E2/C-0 silver anod.
Alu E2/C-35 czarna anoda ściana szklana Alu E2/C-35 black anod.
Alu E2/inox anoda poler. ściana szklana Alu E2 inox anod. polished
Alu anoda specjalna ściana szklana Alu RAL/special anod.
Alu RAL kolory ściana szklana Alu RAL
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