GS Railing

Modern glass railings for offices and public facilities

Four types of base profiles, tested together with the glass when it comes to durability in varying mounting configurations.

balustrady szklane chodov

About product

GS Railing
Category of spaceA, B, C, D
Durability1,0 kN/m
Type of glassVSG ESG 88.2, 88.4, 1010.2, 1010.4
Max height (mm)1300
Material / finishAnodized aluminum / Aluminum RAL
Approval documentsIndividual documentation
SzkłoRw [dB]C [dB]RA1 [dB]
Alu E2/C-0 srebrna anoda ściana szklana Alu E2/C-0 silver anod.
Alu E2/C-31 anoda imit. stali ściana szklana Alu E2/C-31 acier anod.
Alu anoda specjalna ściana szklana Alu RAL/special anod.
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A provider of complex, modern glass architecture systems, allowing for versatile glass applications, both interior and exterior.

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