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We help create friendly spaces that match the modern design and lifestyle trends

Everything we do is our passion – that’s why we constantly seek new ways and ideas.

We create original solutions, e.g. for the construction of glass walls for interior use. They are fully based on our own, innovative designs.


wartośc glass system INNOVATION

Constant development is in our DNA We pursue innovation not only when it comes to the products – we think outside the box in many areas of our activities.

wartośc glass system PARTNERSHIP

We place our bets on long-term cooperation. Both when it comes to our internal Glass System team and our business partners, we always strive to create lasting relationships based on synergy and mutual understanding.

wartośc glass system EFFECTIVENESS

We act wisely. We choose directions of development that allow us to optimally utilise our assets. We are able to identify opportunities that are not obvious at first sight.

wartośc glass system AMBITION

We do not use short-cuts. In all spheres of our activity, we set ambitious goals, then, after meeting them, we raise the bar. We seek the best, not the simplest solutions.

wartośc glass system CONSISTENCY

We implement short-, medium-, and long-term development plans. We make progress every day, responding to the challenges that appear in our way.

wartośc glass system COURAGE

We are not afraid to go outside of our comfort zone. Creating advantages oftentimes requires us to undertake actions beyond the standard.



We treat the design of new solutions and development of the already-existing ones as a constant process. At one time, our competences have been acknowledged by the Polish Ministry of Development, which granted us the prestigious R&D Centre status as the first company in the industry.


Within the scope of collaboration, we offer complex technical, manufacturing and logistical support. Uniting our assets and competences, we are able to offer the full scope of services necessary to implement ambitious projects.

Glass System Polska S.A.

A provider of complex, modern glass architecture systems, allowing for versatile glass applications, both interior and exterior.

ul. Marcina Kasprzaka 4,
01-211 Warsaw

tel: +48 22 243 24 20
tel: +48 22 243 24 22

NIP: 521-363-87-46
KRS: 0000912550
REGON: 146350965

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