Urban Slim Door

Minimalist design of glass doors in an aluminum frame

Created for projects featuring light designs. They achieve high sound insulation parameters thanks to the possibility of using acoustic glass.

izolacyjność akustyczna Acoustic insulation Rw from 35 to 39 dB
Kompatybilność z resztą systemu GSW Office Full visual and systemic compatibility of GSW Office
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About product

Urban Slim Door
DurabilityClass 6
Type of glassVSG 44.1, 44.2, 55.1, 55.2
Max height (mm)2800
Max width (mm)1000
Acoustic insulationRW = 35 ÷ 39 dB / RA1 = 34 ÷ 38 dB
Smoke tightnesson request
Materials / finishAnodized aluminum / Aluminum RAL
GlassRW [dB]C [dB]RA1 [dB]RA1 R
VSG 441.35-13432
VSG 44.1 + IsoSound36-13533
VSG 44.2 Silence3703735
VSG 44.2 Silence + IsoSound38-13735
VSG 55.1 + IsoSound37-13634
VSG 55.2 Silence + IsoSound39-13836
Alu E2/C-0 srebrna anoda ściana szklana Alu E2/C-0 silver anod.
Alu E2/C-35 czarna anoda ściana szklana Alu E2/C-35 black anod.
Alu E2/inox anoda poler. ściana szklana Alu E2 inox anod. polished
Alu anoda specjalna ściana szklana Alu RAL/special anod.
Alu RAL kolory ściana szklana Alu RAL
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