GS Custom

We design individual facility solutions

We are not limited to the interiors – this regards glass exteriors as well. All projects of this type are created in close collaboration of the Technical department and the Client.

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GS Custom
GS Custom
GS Custom
GS Custom
Conformité Européenne
Glass Rw [dB] C [dB] RA1 [dB]
ESG 10 33 -2 31
VSG 55.1 35 -2 33
VSG 66.2 37 -2 35
VSG 66.2 Silence 39 -1 38
VSG 88.2 Silence 40 -1 39
VSG 106.2 Silence 41 -1 40
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test test
Alu E2/C-35 black anod.
Alu E2/C-0 silver anod.
Alu E2/C-31 anoda imit. stali Alu E2/C-31 acier anod.
Alu RAL/special anod.
Alu E2inox anod. polished
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Glass System Polska Sp. z o.o.

A provider of complex, modern glass architecture systems, allowing for versatile glass applications, both interior and exterior.

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02-234 Warsaw

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KRS: 0000436630
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