Purian Door

Uniting the highest level of aesthetics and sound insulation

Unique design thanks to structurally glued glass. Doors available in transparent and non-transparent option.

Acoustic insulation Rw from 36 to 43 dB
Full visual and systemic compatibility of GSW Office

About product

Purian Door
DurabilityClass 6
Type of glassESG 4, 6 ; VSG 44.2
Max height (mm)2800
Max width (mm)1000
Acoustic insulationRW = 36 ÷ 43 dB / RA1 = 35 ÷ 42 dB
Smoke tightnesson request
Materials / finishAluminium anod. / Aluminium RAL
GlassRW [dB]C [dB]RA1 [dB]RA1R [dB]
ESG 4 + ESG 636-13533
ESG 4 + VSG 44.2 Silence40-13937
ESG 4 +VSG 44.2 Silence (Akustic)42-24038
ESG 4 + VSG 44.2 Silence (varnished)43-14240
Alu E2/C-35 black anod.
Alu E2/C-0 silver anod.
Alu RAL/special anod.
Alu E2inox anod. polished
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